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  • What we do & Why


    What we do:

    • At Community Dad, we strive to simplify the lives of parents assisting with pick-up and drop-off from school or after school when you can't make it. Emergency pick up is our specialty.

    Why we do it:

    • As a parent I have experienced many times that I have been running late from work to try to pick my kids from their various schools and after school programs. I have also experienced having to pay late fees due to being late picking my kids due various issues that I have experience as a working father in New York City.
    • My wife always volunteered me to pick up take my daughters and their friends to and from school in our neighborhood. She said to me that it would be nice have a service that can help working parents that emergencies at work and cannot pick up their kids.
    • She said since I have experience working as substance abuse / youth development counselor for over 10 years with the Department of Education working with elementary to high school students this would be a perfect service to provide. And the rest is history!!


    Community Dad Founder :

    Roger S Maloney

    • Father of 3 who has needed similar services and struggled to rely on family and friends when pick-up and drop-offs emergencies happened
    • Fingerprinted education professional
    • Substance Abuse & Prevention and Intervention Counselor
    • Life Skills workshops presenter for various schools



    • Emergency pick-up and Drop-off in the Harlem Area. 
    • Holiday Camp Trips for Students 
  • Community Dad

    Pick up/Drop off Process


    Get in touch

    Give us a call, ask about our service


    Formal Introduction

    Let us meet and greet

    Make sure we are all happy to work together


    Register Child with service/Register Community Dad with School/Afterschool

    Add Community Dad as an emergency pick up provide at child's locations

    Create text link for pick up request


    Let us help you!

    Rest assured that we are here to support you as a parent for those times when time is not on your side


    Don't be afraid to reach out. You + Us = AWESOME.

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