• About us:

    What we do:

    • At Community Dad, we strive to simplify the lives of parents assisting with pick-up and drop-off from school or after school when you can't make it.  Emergency pick-ups are our specialty (within a 45mins notice)

    Why this service at this time:

    • Through my own experiences as a working parent, too many times has my scheduled changed and conflicted with picking up my children on-time from their various schools and after-school activities.  With the delays and interruptions come stress and late fees as many programs charge by the minute for late pickup.
    • As a father of (3) children, my wife and I can only be at one location at a time and we try to divide and conquer, but (2) parents are not easily divisible by (3) kids and someone is always needing some location assistance.  
    • As a youth development counselor in the NYC Department of Education, I have always been the flexible parent in our household, therefore my wife always volunteered me to pick up the children and occasionally their friends to and from school in our neighborhood.
    • As a person of color, I seek to restore the image of Black men as caregivers for the community.  I am not alone in the neighborhood picking up my children and I have developed a network of qualified Pick-Up professionals to take on the task at hand.  
    • As it became a consistent request, I thought, I can do this full time and the rest is history



    • Emergency or scheduled Pick-up and Drop-off in the Harlem and surrounding areas
    • Half-Day Pick-Up with planned activities in the neighborhood       (coming soon)
  • Pick up/Drop off Process


    Get in touch

    Give Community Dad a call: 347-878-9657


    Info Please

    Please make sure you fill out the Registration Form so we can have your information handy


    Formal Introduction

    Let us meet and greet prior to first pickup (if possible),


    However, we can Facetime or Google duo too


    Then we will assign you a Community Dad Team Member and make sure we are all happy to work together


    The Essentials

    Add Community Dad as a pick-up provider at your child's locations, ie School, Afterschool, Daycare, Extra-Curricular activity.

    Download Permission form




    Request a pick up when needed via text:

    save in your phone as community dad



    Payment Options




  • Meet our Founder

    Roger Maloney

    A Community Dad indeed!

    As a native New Yorker, longtime Harlem resident, and father of 3 children (2 middle schoolers and a rambunctious toddler) this former school intervention specialist knows a thing or two about juggling many hats when it comes to family, work and community.


    Roger formerly worked in Media (radio and television) before he changed careers to work with at-risk youth in the city's educational system. At the same time he became a father, he began working as a SAPIS/Youth Development Counselor in the Bronx, working closely with children in elementary through High School whose benefitted from a strong male presence in their lives. Locally, Roger was a Sunday school coordinator at a Harlem based church and volunteers continuously at his children's school-based activities.


    Empowering young people to navigate challenges to successful outcomes is his passion and helping Parents navigate their children so everybody wins makes this new endeavor worthwhile.

  • Meet Our Team

    Roger Maloney

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